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Snapshots of Chemical Biology (Episode 5)

Tubules to stop cell growth

The concept: Facing a camera, one young researcher presents his work and gives emphasis on the biochemical problem behind it.

The audience: Scientists from different disciplines rapidly learn how to think in a chemical biology way, i.e. how tools taken from chemistry can help solve problems in biology.

The protagonist: Manoël Prouteau, postdoc in the Loewith lab, UNIGE. Biochemist and Cell Biologist.

Link to the publication: Manoël Prouteau, Ambroise Desfosses, Christian Sieben, Clélia Bourgoint, Nour Lydia Mozaffari, Davide Demurtas, Alok K. Mitra, Paul Guichard, Suliana Manley, Robbie Loewith, “TORC1 Organised in Inhibited Domains (TOROIDs) regulate TORC1 activity”, Nature, 2017.