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SNE Chemical Biology

SNE Chemical Biology was constituted as an association in 2023 and is open to active scientists doing research in the field of chemical biology in Swiss research institutions and industries.


The Swiss Network for Interdisciplinary Education (SNE) in Chemical Biology was created following the successful completion of the National Center of Competence in Research Chemical biology (NCCR Chemical Biology) with the ambition to federate scientists in its field of interest into a strong scientific network, independent of any affiliation to past or ongoing research programmes.

The goal of SNE Chemical Biology is to promote and reinforce interdisciplinary education and research on chemical biology in Switzerland.

The association is not-for-profit and has its administration in Geneva.


Our goals

  • Organize and maintain educational activities to promote chemical biology to present and future master or PhD students.
  • Promote and reinforce research in the area of chemical biology in Switzerland through federating scientists active in chemical biology in Swiss institutions and industries.
  • Offer an exchange forum where scientists, students and industry can meet and discuss.
  • Stimulate collaborations with industry to the benefit of the educational programmes.


Our statutes

The Statutes are the set of regulations that govern the SNE Chemical Biology’s activity.  Follow the link to consult the chapters and articles of the current statutes of the Association.