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Education in Chemical Biology

Neither biologists nor chemists alone are limited in their approaches to solve the mechanisms of life or devise cures for diseases. Researchers and students of both disciplines which cross into the other field can take advantage of complementary expertises and approaches, to exploit the power of chemistry to make progress in biology, and ultimately make significant progress in the understanding of the mechanisms of life. Such bridges exist through the various educational programmes developed by the SNE Chemical Biology in the Lemanic area.


Master degree in Chemical Biology

A central pillar of our efforts to train the next generation of interdisciplinary scientists is the Master degree program in Chemical Biology. Jointly organised by the University of Geneva and EPFL, the major goal is to train the next generation of interdisciplinary researchers, with emphasis on chemistry, biophysics and biology.   The programme prepares students to think beyond the state-of-the-art. Specifically, students learn how to probe biological problems at the molecular level using innovative chemistry and biophysical approaches. Students receive individualized and highly interdisciplinary (biology, chemistry, biochemistry and biophysics) training from world-renowned researchers. The curriculum is primarily centred on practical teaching in a research environment. Numerous internships are offered in a variety of laboratories; these are allocated according to a programme that takes into consideration the undergraduate qualification, interests and goals of each student. Finally, a high student-teacher ratio ensures a quality framework.

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Postgraduate level

At the postgraduate level, the SNE Chemical Biology provides opportunities to join the network either as a PhD student or a post-doctoral fellow, and to collaborate with one or more of our senior researchers. Working within the sphere of the SNE Chemical Biology means training within the premises of world-class institutions, with the support of state-of-the-art facilities, working closely with faculty members who are leaders in their field and publishing in leading journals.

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MOOC on Chemical Biology

Created by the University of Geneva and a passionate team from the SNE Chemical Biology, the MOOC, displayed on Coursera, introduces concepts and techniques in chemical biology. It targets a large spectrum of students in science, scientists and science educators.

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SPOC on Chemical Biology

The Small Private Online Course (SPOC) on chemical biology targets UNIGE students and the ones studying at Swiss and partner universities.

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