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The SNE Association is a unique resource for the industry, providing access to a large network of experts in their field, juniors researchers trained in an interdisciplinary way, experimental techniques and know-how. Following in the footsteps of its parent organization, the NCCR Chemical Biology, the SNE Chemical Biology association was created to be a facilitator in developing collaborations and novel synergies between academia and industry. It explores opportunities to introduce new technologies into industrial applications and facilitates the  recruitment and training of graduated students, at the master’s or PhD level for industry.

The SNE Chemical biology association strives to:
  • Act as the link between academic research and industry
  • Identify promising applied technologies within the network and evaluate the translational potential
  • Reinforce and develop industrial collaborations
  • Communicate and promote cutting edge developments within the association
  • Foster creativity, knowledge sharing and entrepreneurship
  • Provide training opportunities to young generations of researchers


Collaborate with us

As a partner of the SNE Chemical Biology you have access to:

  • Sate-of-art technologies and knowledge e.g. in Chemical Biology, Chemical Genetics and Chemical-Genetic screens, high-throughput technologies, Medical Chemistry, and high-end-proteomics research
  • An important education programme forming master students to PhD students
  • Opportunities to make educational presentations at selected meetings
  • SNE’s communication tools to increase the visibility of the company and products
  • A large network of scientists and institutions
  • Potential new clients and technologies, new research trends, novel techniques

You may select to support dedicated initiatives and events at cost price

  • Scholarships
  • Internships for our interdisciplinary trained postgraduate students
  • An annual scientific award

We are interested in discussing any other form of contribution you might be interested in, and we are looking forward to welcome you as a sponsor of the network.