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Snapshots of Chemical Biology (Episode 2)

Live, intracellular super-resolution imaging

The concept: Facing a camera, one young researcher presents her work and gives emphasis on the physical problem behind it.

The audience: Scientists from different disciplines rapidly learn how to think in a chemical biology way, i.e. how tools taken from chemistry can help solve problems in biology.

The protagonist: Lina Carlini, Postdoctoral fellow in Manley’s lab, EPFL. Biophysicist.

Put into perspective with Tatjana Kleele, Biochemist, Synergy young investigator postdoctoral fellow in Manley’s lab, EPFL.

Link to the publication: Carlini L., Manley S., “Live intracellular super-resolution imaging using site-specific stains”, ACS Chemical Biology 2013 8 (12), 2643-2648

Production: NCCR Chemical biology