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Snapshots of Chemical Biology (Episode 1)

Shining light on miRNA localisation in zebrafish

The concept: Facing a camera, one young researcher presents in 2 minutes his recently published work and gives emphasis on the biological problem behind it. Another one comments with a few lines in the NCCR newsletter to explain the chemistry approach used to solve the problem. Both are from different disciplines but meet through chemical biology.

The audience: Scientists from different disciplines rapidly learn how to think in a chemical biology way, i.e. how tools taken from chemistry can help solve problems in biology.

The protagonist (video): Laurent Holtzer, Postdoctoral fellow in M. Gonzalez Gaitan’s lab, UNIGE. Biophysicist.

Put into perspective with Marcello Anzola, Chemist, PhD student in N. Winssinger’s lab, UNIGE.

Link to the publication: “Nucleic-acid templated chemical reaction in a live vertebrate”, ACS Central Science, 2016

Production: NCCR Chemical Biology