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Nicolas Thomæ

Nicolas Thomä

ISREC – Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research

  • Full Professor

About Nicolas Thomä

The Thomä lab focuses on the structure and function of macromolecular machines at the interface of chromatin biology and ubiquitin biology. Recent work from the laboratory illustrated how transcription factor operate in the context of chromatin, and how endogenous and synthetic small molecules drive the degradation of transcription factors and other cellular proteins by leveraging the ubiquitin proteasome system.

Nicolas Thomä is an expert in structural biology and cryo-electron microscopy. In the course of his career, he has made a series of groundbreaking discoveries in molecular structures and interactions. The work of this internationally acclaimed researcher opens new concepts in the area of drug development, among others. He is one of the few researchers to have received three consecutive grants from the European Research Council (an ERC Consolidator Grant in 2010 and an ERC Advanced Grant in both 2015 and 2020).



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