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Gerardo Turcatti

Gerardo Turcatti


  • Adjunct Professor

About Gerardo Turcatti

Gerardo Turcatti directs the Biomolecular Screening Facility, a multidisciplinary laboratory created in 2006 at the EPFL, to perform medium and high throughput screening in life sciences-related projects at the EPF. The facility has the necessary infrastructure, multidisciplinary expertise and flexibility to perform large screening programs using small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) and chemical collections in the areas of chemical biology, systems biology and drug discovery.  The Academic Chemical Screening platform of Switzerland (ACCESS-BSF) provides the scientific community with chemical diversity, screening facilities and know-how in chemical genetic. Additionally, ACCESS-BSF pursues applied research axes that are driven by innovation in thematic areas related to preclinical drug discovery and discovery of bioactive probes.