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Aurélien Roux

Aurélien Roux

Biochemistry Department, UNIGE

  • Full Professor

About Aurélien Roux

Aurélien Roux is a Full Professor at the University of Geneva. His main interest is to study the role of lipid membrane mechanical properties in several cell processes, from endocytosis to cytokinesis. As a PhD student, he worked in collaboration with cell biologists (Bruno Goud’s lab, Curie Institute, Paris) and physicists (Patricia Bassereau’s lab, Curie Institute, Paris) in order to understand how membrane properties (e.g. bending rigidity, tension, and composition) facilitate or interfere with various stages of membrane traffic within cells. His continuing interest in membrane fission led him to pursue post-doctoral work in Pietro de Camilli’s laboratory, in order to study the mechanism of membrane tubule formation and fission by dynamin. From July 2007 to April 2010, as a Chargé de Recherche in the CNRS, France, he has been interested in how membrane properties affect the polymerization of dynamin onto a template. In June 2019, he was elected as EMBO Member.

His lab explores the common biological and mechanical mechanisms by which surfaces such as cell monolayers or lipid bilayers are deformed during physiological processes such as membrane traffic, endocytosis, cell-division, cell migration and others.