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Alessandro De Simone

Department of Genetics and Evolution, UNIGE

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor

About Alessandro De Simone

De Simone lab’s research investigates how cells communicate and coordinate with each other for a lost body part to regenerate into its original form. This question is asked with a quantitative approach at the boundary of physics and biology, applying experimental, computational, and theoretical methods. Their main model system is the zebrafish scale, because they are accessible to live imaging, simple enough to be studied quantitatively and have an intriguing regenerative biology. They monitor signals, forces and cell dynamics in adult fish, at subcellular resolution and tissue-wide, using high-sensitivity sensors and reporters. De Simone’s research will reveal mechanisms of cell coordination in the morphogenesis of regenerating tissues, that we expect to be generalizable to many other multi-cellular contexts.

Alessandro De Simone is a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the University of Geneva at the department of genetics and evolution since 2022.


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