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New Full SNE member: Prof. Pablo Rivera-Fuentes

The SNE association aims to represent a forum for scientists from the Lemanic area and Switzerland interested in chemical biology to meet, establish new collaborations or retain existing ones. The network also wishes to maintain and develop interdisciplinary projects in education on chemical biology. Such endeavours are only possible through collective effort. To kickstart this journey, we extend a warm welcome to our very first Full Member, Prof. Pablo Rivera-Fuentes !

Following the recent launch of the SNE Chemical biology association by its Founding members, a call for Full members was launched. Prof. Pablo Rivera-Fuentes, a chemical biologist located at the University of Zurich (UZH) and former member of the NCCR Chemical Biology is the very first Full member to have responded with enthusiasm to the invitation extended by the Founding committee! Rivera-Fuentes commitment and dedication to our shared missions has been evident since his time at the NCCR Chemical Biology, and the Executive committee is thrilled to have him on board. His presence marks a milestone in the SNE’s journey towards collective growth and progress.

The SNE Chemical Biology eagerly anticipates to forging strong bonds among its members and achieving lasting impact together.


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