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What courses should I have taken to be eligible for the MSc?
To be able to follow the programme you need to be literate in chemistry and life sciences. We understand that you might not be as good in one domain than the other. Don’t worry: the master programme is personalized to each student’s needs and interests. We will help you become fluent in both chemistry and life sciences!


What grades do I need to have in my bachelor ?
We don’t have a strict threshold but considering that the programme is demanding and the competition high for a limited number of seats, we aim for outstanding to good students in chemistry and/or life sciences.


How do you select students?
We select students on the basis of the documentation sent and the motivation. We analyse every single application received and after a first-round of selection conduct interviews before accepting students. The number of available slots is small so there is a strong competition, but we evaluate both academic and personal skills.


What happens in the first semester of my master studies?
During the first semester of your studies, you will follow compulsory classes and also optional courses and one-week internships in labs centered outside your comfort zone: for example, if you are weak in chemistry, your initial training will focus on chemistry rather than biology. At the end of the day, you will be fluent in both domains. The courses and internships will take place at the University of Geneva and at the EPFL (Lausanne).


What is the English level required?
There is no official level required.  The English level is evaluated during the interview with the education committee as it’s necessary to be able to follow the compulsory classes and present the exams.


How do I apply for the master?
Depending of your current status, please follow the guidelines given on the “Admission procedure” section.


Where does the master take place?
The courses take place at either the University of Geneva or the EPFL, to benefit from the best expertise. The internships and your master thesis project take place in laboratories within the SNE Chemical Biology network in either sites.


Will my master diploma mention the EPFL as well as the UNIGE?
Yes. The master degree is attributed by the University of Geneva in collaboration with the EPFL.


I am a non-EU student. When will I receive a confirmation of enrolment by the UNIGE?
It takes about 10 weeks from the time you submitted your dossier until you receive an official reply from the UNIGE.


Can I contact a student already in the programme to learn more about his experience of the master?
Candidates that are selected are given the contact names of former or current students. If you are wondering if the programme will fit your goals, you can contact Robbie Loewith, President of the SNE Chemical Biology, and we will make the most to answer your request.


Will I receive a stipend?
Students with an outstanding record can apply to the Excellence fellowship programme of the University of Geneva. You can consult other options here under the section “Funding : fellowships”.